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Ravi Zacharias

8:30 pm
Let My People Think
Ravi Zacharias



9:00 pm
Weekend Magazine
John Fuller

10:00 pm Every Last Word
10:30 pm Peace With God
11:00 pm Understanding The Times

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Wichita & Central Kansas 94.3 FM / 96.7 FM / 96.3 FM / 95.5 FM / 93.7 FM / 90.5 FM / 950 AM Change your listening area

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The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson

A ministry of Focus on the Family, The Boundless Show is a weekly half-hour program hosted by Lisa Anderson. The Boundless Show helps young adults grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family. In a mix…

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The Life of Jesus by Dr. Adrian Rogers, Love Worth Finding

There has never been a man like the Lord Jesus. How holy, how pure, how sinless is the Lord Jesus Christ. John Philips wrote some words about Jesus that deeply stirred me. He said, “His life was perfectly holy. He never looked with lust. He never uttered a hasty, unkind, untrue or frivolous… Read More

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"Two years ago I had three strokes and a heart attack. During my rehab I would listen to the radio, and one day I came across Bott Radio Network. It has changed my life forever. Slowly I came to realize that I am not in control of my life—God is. Bott Radio Network is the reason for much joy in my life in Christ."

Don, Nebraska

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