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What’s the matter with evolution?

April 25, 2015  |  World Magazine

A ranking of the top five scientific problems found in evolutionary theory Read More

Powerful earthquake kills hundreds in Nepal

April 25, 2015  |  World Magazine

Hundreds are dead following a powerful earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday, reducing buildings to rubble and triggering an avalanche on Mt. Everest. Officials say at least 688 people have been confirmed dead in Nepal, 20 in India, six in Tibet and two in Bangladesh. But with… Read More

Weekend Reads: Historical fiction

April 25, 2015  |  World Magazine

The Pagan Lord: A Novel By Bernard Cornwell In  The Pagan Lord  (Harper, 2014), Bernard Cornwell weaves a tale full of complex characters who draw the reader into 10th century, chaotic “Englaland.” (Note: Expletives are mild and sexual relations are inferred.)… Read More

Florida, North Carolina move forward with abortion…

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

The Florida Senate passed a bill today that would require women to wait 24 hours before having an abortion and make two trips to the abortion center. The measure passed 26-13, after the state’s House passed the bill Wednesday on a 77-41 vote. The Florida House… Read More

Judge sets $135,000 fine for Christian bakers in…

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

An Oregon judge today ordered former bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein to pay $135,000 in fines for declining to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian will decide whether to approve the order as-is or alter the penalty amount… Read More

Conservatives scramble to kill D.C. pro-abortion…

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

A congressional committee on Tuesday approved a Republican-sponsored resolution that would overturn a District of Columbia law targeting the city’s pro-life organizations. D.C.’s Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act (RHNDA) prevents employers from basing… Read More

Josh Garrels’ latest album is a ‘blessing for the…

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

Singer-songwriter Josh Garrels admitted it took a while for the gospel to “sink in.” Throughout the haze of drugs and partying in his teen years, Garrels felt a calling on his life. “Even when I was on these crazy acid trips I had this weird sense that the Sprit of God was… Read More

We work for more than ourselves

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

Seventy-seven F-words is a lot, especially in just five minutes while mixed in with a number of other profanities. That’s what Bryan Price, manager of the Cincinnati Reds, cut loose with on Monday after a standard pregame interview with reporters. Price, previously known as an… Read More

Even now there is hope

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

Does anyone out there feel like he has blown it so badly that he can never expect anything good from God for the rest of his life and will receive only the most grudging admission to heaven? God does not want us to feel that way, and He extends encouragement to potential… Read More

Globe Trot: Turkish Christians apologize for Armenian…

April 24, 2015  |  World Magazine

ARMENIA: Today marks the start of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, where up to 1.5 million Armenians (plus 250,000 or more Assyrian Christians) were killed. As delegates around the world gather at a memorial in Yerevan, Turkish Christians also have come “to… Read More