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Boko Haram pledges allegiance to ISIS

March 9, 2015  |  World Magazine

Kellou Abakar’s contractions began Jan. 3—the same day Boko Haram attacked her hometown in Nigeria. With labor coming on, the 30-year-old took her two little girls and carried her 4-year-old son on her back as they fled Baga. She narrowly escaped one of the worst massacres… Read More

Dollars and Sense: Stop worrying about jobs, start…

March 9, 2015  |  World Magazine

Focus on jobs. Once a month we have a week during which we get a lot of employment related data, and last week was that week for March. On Wednesday, payroll processor ADP said private employers hired 212,000 workers in February. The number was slightly below expectations, but… Read More

Your most important job

March 7, 2015  |  World Magazine

He sat in the booth in front of me wearing a multicolored tie-dyed shirt. His head was shaved, tattoos covered most of his right arm and halfway up his neck, and his earlobes had black plugs in them the size of small corks. But what struck me the most about him was his… Read More

Weekend Reads: The unsung British abolitionist

March 7, 2015  |  World Magazine

Thanks to the Amazing Grace film and several good biographies, William Wilberforce is well known for ending slavery in the British Empire. Not so well known is his fellow abolitionist Hannah More. She was an equal to Wilberforce in fighting slavery and joined the informal… Read More

Abducted missionary set free in Nigeria

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

An American missionary abducted last month from a school in Nigeria has been released and is safe, the Free Methodist Church USA said today. In a statement on the church website, Bishop David Kendall said the Rev. Phyllis Sortor, 71, was released “into the care of authorities… Read More

Canadian pastor detained in North Korea

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

A Canadian church is asking the world to pray for its pastor’s quick release from North Korea, where he was detained last month while on a humanitarian trip. The Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, 60, pastors the Light Korean Presbyterian Church near Toronto, a 3,000 member congregation. He… Read More

Two musicals, old and new, to watch at home this…

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

Music is essential to movies. It’s sometimes unnoticed, serving only as background to support what’s happening on screen. Other times, it’s one of the main reasons to watch, as is the case with the musicals The Song and The King and I . The Song is a music-driven update… Read More

Responding to Josh Hamilton’s relapse

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

In 1999, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays made Josh Hamilton the first overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft. He was an explosive player with a rifle of a throwing arm and the kind of home run power scouts can’t help but tell fish stories about. But Hamilton ended up having… Read More

Racism in Ferguson and beyond

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

A Justice Department report released this week documented abuses in the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department. African-Americans make up two-thirds of the city’s population, but they’re 85 percent of the traffic stops and more than 90 percent of the arrests. Blacks are twice as… Read More

Jodee Lewis takes a mean street tour with Whiskey Halo

March 6, 2015  |  World Magazine

Jodee Lewis is a country and folk artist with a honky-tonk attitude, combining the spunk of Miranda Lambert with the snarky wit of Kacey Musgraves. Lewis also is a Christian, but that’s not immediately obvious on her debut album Whiskey Halo . Suffice it to say Lewis doesn’t… Read More