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Broadcast Editorial: March 2006

Rich Bott

Friends this is Rich Bott with an editorial comment.

As you may have heard, there is a fairly wide cross-section of evangelical leaders who have signed on to something called the Evangelical Climate Initiative. This is an effort by some to focus the attention and activism of Evangelical Christians on the issue of so called Global Warming. Most recently, they have purchased announcements on Christian radio stations. In order to avoid confusion, I want to be sure to communicate Bott Radio Network’s position on this issue.

First of all, we believe the perception of Global Warming (or as they say when it gets cold “climate change”) is at best a secondary issue where some well-meaning Christians may disagree. It certainly does not rise to the same level of urgency or Biblical clarity as does the killing of innocent unborn children or the sanctity of marriage as being between a man and a woman. Yet, it is interesting to note that many of these leaders who have signed on to this politically charged Global Warming issue refuse to speak or lead on the issue of life or marriage because they say they don’t want to get “political.”

Secondly, we believe there is much scientific dispute as to the issue of Global Warming or Climate Change. I, for one, believe there was a great climate change associated with Noah’s flood. And God did that, not man. In school, I learned of Great Ice Ages that came and went long before the automobile was invented.

Certainly, we want to be good stewards of the environment. But we want to be careful of joining hands in common cause with those who would worship the creation rather than the Creator.

Those who feel Global Warming is a big problem that should be a high priority of the church have a right to say so. But as you hear their announcements on Christian radio, and see them in print, I hope you’ll think twice about your priorities as a Christian and keep “the main thing the main thing.”

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