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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

The NFL Popularity is Trending Down, Says Survey

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

The NFL's popularity may be slipping a bit. In an annual survey of American sports fans that follow at least one sport the NFL's popularity slipped a bit from a year ago. Read More

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Is America a Christian Nation?

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

"More than 90 percent of Americans who express a religious preference identify themselves as Christians." So said a December 2014 Gallup survey after interviewing 173,490 U.S. citizens. If these figures are accurate, why are the Christian faith and followers of Christ under such… Read More

Victory in Our Trials

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Obviously, we don't enjoy times of trial or conflict. Despite the assurance we have that God will always be by our side through any and every circumstance (Heb. 13:5), it is still natural to fear and bemoan such occurrences. Read More

Princeton Receives Gutenberg Bible Printed in 1445,…

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Princeton University has received a donation of rare books and manuscripts, including a Gutenberg Bible that was printed around 1445. With an expected appraisal value of nearly $300 million, it's the largest gift in the university's history. Read More

Kurt Busch Suspended by NASCAR Amid Domestic Violence…

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

NASCAR has suspended former NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch. Read More

School Choice: From Vouchers to Savings Accounts

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

If you haven't paid close attention to the school choice movement over the past 10 years, you might not realize how much it has changed. Read More

Disney Princess Moana News: Casting Ongoing, 2…

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Walt Disney Animation Studios is still searching for the perfect person to play the singing and speaking voice of its new princess, Moana. The studio recently left New Zealand after scheduling open casting calls there. They are also doing casting calls in islands in the Pacific,… Read More

Mother of Three Made a Difference By Taking a Stand…

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

When you look at the endless problems we face in society today, it's easy to think, "But what I can do? I'm just one person." Read More

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Feud: Will Singers…

February 23, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Taylor Swift made it a point to reconcile with a few people at the Grammys early this month. Only one feud remains to be fixed — the one Swift has with Katy Perry. Read More