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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

Funding a Foolish Military Plan In Syria

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

This week, both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation to train, arm and fund the elusive "moderate" Muslim rebels fighting to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. Read More

Inside ISIS: Fighters Promised '72 Eternal Virgins in…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

An ex-ISIS member who lived and worked with the militant Islamic terror group in Syria gave a gory and seedy glimpse inside the group's operation highlighting the brutal rape of Christian women after their husbands are beheaded and a promise of "72 eternal virgins in heaven" to… Read More

Christian Rapper Lecrae on 'The Tonight Show'…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Rapper Lecrae made an appearance on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night where Jimmy Fallon congratulated the Christian artist for his No. 1 album, Anomaly on the Billboard music chart. Read More

Tennessee Megachurch Pastor Undergoes Brain Surgery;…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

David Landrith, pastor of the Tennessee-based Long Hollow Baptist Church, underwent surgery Friday morning due to colorectal melanoma, an aggressive form of cancer that has spread to his brain. Read More

Christian rapper Lecrae finally gets mainstream…

September 19, 2014  |  World Magazine

It’s taken a decade, but this week proved definitively that Christian rapper Lecrae Moore cannot be ignored. His album Anomaly hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 88,000 copies in its first week, and on Thursday night he performed snippets of his new songs with The… Read More

This Pit Bull's Reunion With The Man Who Saved Him is…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Man's best friend never forgets who is most important to him. He is so GRATEFUL! Read More

Ben Affleck Admits to Counting Cards, Being Banned…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Ben Affleck admitted to counting cards in a recent interview. The “Argo” star said that he had become very proficient at blackjack, but it rubbed casino managers the wrong way, and he ended up being banned from the blackjack tables at several casinos for life in April. Read More

Should Christians watch the NFL?

September 19, 2014  |  World Magazine

This week, I talked with John Stonestreet of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview about how Christians should react to the National Football League’s troubles with domestic violence cases. NICK EICHER: On Tuesday night, the National Football League Players… Read More

A shovel-ready job

September 19, 2014  |  World Magazine

On a recent blistering Kansas day, a group of students and teachers are re-mulching an impossibly long walking path as part of our weekly school workday. The four girls are told to mulch the path using large plastic pitchforks. The three boys have the job of cutting a straight… Read More

God Sends a Good Samaritan to Help a Man Survive a…

September 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

They know that God has put them in the right place at the right time to save a life! Read More