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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

Missouri Bill Says Women Must Seek Consent From…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

A new bill introduced in the Missouri state legislature that would require women seeking abortions in that state to get written consent from fathers except in the cases of rape or incest, is already under attack from abortion rights group Planned Parenthood, which has slammed it as… Read More

ISIS Selling Church Artifacts on Black Market to Fund…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

The Islamic State has been selling artifacts from churches and other cultural centers in the nation of Iraq to fund their organization, says a British publication. Read More

Christians Correcting Other Christians on the…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

There's no question that the Internet has brought Christianity many wonderful things. Today we have online education available to virtually everyone, social media that encourages people to support great causes, and online communication tools that allow us to connect from the four… Read More

Christmas: Should Christians Celebrate Holidays?

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Can we, in good faith, redeem the holidays with their roots saturated in paganism, superstitions, and the occult? Read More

Kevin Hart Wins People Mag's 'Comedy Star of the…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Kevin Hart expressed gratitude on Twitter last night after being named Comedy Star of the Year at the People Magazine Awards. Read More

HTC Desire Eye vs. Apple iPhone 6: Comparison of…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

It's the battle of the ultimate phones as we pit Apple's flagship phone, the iPhone 6, against HTC's ultimate selfie phone, the HTC Desire Eye. With Apple currently leading in the smartphone market, HTC hopes to pull in customers that use their phone primarily for taking pictures.… Read More

BlackBerry Classic: Features and Specs Review

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

At a time when smartphones are all about touch screens, BlackBerry offers a very welcome and refreshing change of pace with the BlackBerry Classic, a phone that features a traditional keyboard. Though at first glance it looks like most of its predecessors such as the BlackBerry… Read More

Dog is Able to Run for the First Time Ever – Thanks…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Some may call him disabled, but they clearly have never seen him in action. Read More

Marquette University Suspends Tenured Professor After…

December 19, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Marquette University has suspended a tenured political science professor after he blogged about his disapproval of the actions of a teaching assistant at the Catholic school, who forbade a student from discussing an opposing view to gay marriage in her class. Read More

Top video games of 2014

December 19, 2014  |  World Magazine

Video games don’t have to be mindless entertainment that bring out the worst in human nature. They can teach empathy, offer reminders of our need for salvation and fellowship, and educate us about people and places we might never come into contact with in real life. The… Read More