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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

iPhone 6s News, Specs Rumors: Purported Next-Gen…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Word on the street is Apple is now moving forward from its usual camera specs by having its purported next-gen flagship device, thought to be called the "iPhone 6s," be integrated with a higher-quality 12-megapixel camera. Read More

Bill O'Reilly Blames Catholic Church Corruption, Rap…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

While discussing the latest Pew Survey that documented the decline of people professing to be Christian in America, Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly blamed the Catholic Church's corruption and rap music's "promotion of depraved behavior" as a few reasons for the decline of Christianity… Read More

Catholic Democrat Martin O'Malley to Announce…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, a Catholic Democrat, plans to announce his intentions for the White House on May 30, pitting himself against Hillary Clinton. He will make the announcement from Baltimore, where he once lived and served as mayor. Read More

Southern Baptist Missionary Organization to Allow…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

The missionary organization of the largest Protestant church in America has adjusted its standards for missionaries so that people who have spoken in tongues may join. Read More

ISIS to Use Militants' Brides for Suicide Missions…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Islamic State appears to be preparing to send the brides of its militants on suicide missions without the consent of their husbands, as the terror group's leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi claims he has the final authority over the jihadi wives, according to reports. Read More

Weekend Reads: Unshakeable faith and unlikely influence

May 16, 2015  |  World Magazine

A Mother’s Heart Moved the Hand of God By Tedd Galloway A Mother’s Heart Moved the Hand of God , by Tedd Galloway (Morgan James Publishing, 2014), is a straightforward missionary story, with most of the action takes place in East Africa during the first Gulf War. To… Read More

Fourteen Key Reasons for the Breakdown of Church Unity

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

So what are some of the key reasons we are seeing the breakdown of unity in our churches? Though my list is not exhaustive, allow me to share fourteen of those reasons. Read More

Must Faithful Christians Believe in a Young Earth? A…

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Must Christians who believe the scientific evidence for an old Earth also believe in a liberal reading of Scripture? This was one of the questions The Christian Post asked of Hugh Ross, whose book, A Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy, is now in a second, expanded… Read More

Will Christians Be Jailed for Their Consciences?

May 16, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Read More

Carrie Underwood Leads CMT Music Award Nominations…

May 15, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Carrie Underwood is in the lead with five nominations including two for "Something in the Water" at this year's CMT Music Awards on June 10. Read More