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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

'This Is an American Problem:' Obama Reacts to No…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

As news came Wednesday that a grand jury has decided not to indict a New York City police officer in the choking death of 43-year-old Eric Garner this summer, President Barack Obama, the nation's first African-American president, argued that there's bias in the way law enforcement… Read More

Universal pre-K’s effect on the family

December 3, 2014  |  World Magazine

INDIANAPOLIS—The early childhood school debate sometimes misses the heart of the matter. In Indiana political circles, some of the debate has been about whether the state should take $40 million in federal aid. Gov. Mike Pence said no because it would come with strings… Read More

Google Glass Update Release Date: Creators Say Gadget…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Google's Glass tech could safely be considered as "almost dead" tech but for its creators, it's far from it. The company is about to release a new and upgraded version of the tech-glasses, fitting it with an all-new chip and with improved battery life. It has been reported that… Read More

Loving Wife's Awesome Anniversary Surprise is a…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

This loving wife wanted to take her husband for a trip down memory lane to the day they were married. Read More

'RHOA' Mama Joyce Wants Better Relationship With…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

"Real Housewives of Atlanta's" Mama Joyce has reportedly vowed to improve her relationship with her son-in-law Todd Tucker in the wake of his mother's death. Read More

Pregnancy Discrimination Case Before the US. Supreme…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Both liberal and conservative women aligned to support a case debating the issue of pregnant women's rights in the workplace which was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday. Read More

Erica Campbell Educates People On The Difference…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Erica Campbell may be known for her gospel music, but the Mary Mary group member is also using social media to educate people about learning the difference between the voice of Jesus and Satan. Read More

Billboard Slated to Release Gospel Hits Album That…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Billboard is teaming up with eOne Music to bring some of the biggest gospel songs of the decade to the masses in the form of a double disc album. Read More

Rob Bell on Whether or Not He Still Considers Himself…

December 3, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Rob Bell, the infamous pastor who once led Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and wrote several envelope pushing books, such as "Love Wins," was recently asked if he still thought of himself as Evangelical after radically shifting his views on eternal hell and gay… Read More

The next deviant frontier

December 3, 2014  |  World Magazine

Will normalizing pedophilia be the next frontier? It certainly won’t be the final one. Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children who haven’t begun puberty. It’s difficult for most people to understand because it’s abnormal. Deviant. A perversion.… Read More