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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

.@TonyPerkins at the @FRCdc @WatchmenPastors Policy Briefing. Welcome to Kansas! http://t.co/E26Nz4dRR3 B0piHCBCEAAqWf3  October 23, 2014 @ 12:37 PM @bottradio

A Detective in Pittsburgh Does Something…

October 23, 2014  |  The Christian Post

A stern Pittsburgh police detective and boxing instructor Jack Mook becomes very curious after two students don't show up for his boxing class. Instead of just cancelling and not worrying, he looks into why they didn't show up. Read More

7-Year-Old Fiddle Master Performs a Jaw-Dropping…

October 23, 2014  |  The Christian Post

This 7-year-old, Carson Peters, joined by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage sing a jaw-dropping version of 'Amazing Grace'. This fiddle master has incredible God given talents! Read More

Who needs an Ebola czar?

October 23, 2014  |  World Magazine

“Rabbi, is there a proper blessing for the czar?” He thinks for a moment and responds: “May God bless and keep the czar … far away from us!” — Fiddler on the Roof Today, “czar” is a term encouraged by the media to describe one who oversees a specific government… Read More

In mainstream media, truth seems to lie w/ the majority opinion. Learn more @ 1p bit.ly/1tFccI7 @ErwinLutzer @Media_TMC  October 23, 2014 @ 12:00 PM @bottradio

"The time has come for a new revolution!" @WatchmenPastors @FRCdc @FRCAction http://t.co/M9Y3txzIzA B0pScA2CEAAroCH  October 23, 2014 @ 11:28 AM @bottradio

Insuppressible truth

October 23, 2014  |  World Magazine

Untruths, cover-ups, and falsifications cannot last in the long run, but the truth is unkillable. Proverbs is not poetic but a promise you can take to the bank: “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment” (Proverbs 12:19, ESV). Unkillable, I would… Read More

Moto Droid Turbo News: New Pictures of the Gadget…

October 23, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Less than a week before the Moto Droid Turbo is released, a new photo of the device has been leaked online, courtesy of retired gadget info leaker Evan Blass. Read More

So thankful for the great messages at the @WatchmenPastors @FRCdc Pastors Policy Briefing today. @PatRoberts2014 @DrRScarborough @tperkins  October 23, 2014 @ 10:51 AM @bottradio

Web Reads: Missing the mark on Ebola

October 23, 2014  |  World Magazine

So predictable. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Tom Frieden has not inspired confidence that he knows how to fight an infectious disease like the Ebola virus. That’s not surprising, according to this City Journal story, which explores his stint as head of New… Read More