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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

Many Things to be Thankful For; I Think

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

It's Thanksgiving again, when folks go home to bear the brunt of their parents' judgment. This year perhaps all you single folks out there will hear the delightful query from your moms, "Why are you still single, and Charles Manson isn't?" Read More

'Paranormal Activity' 5 Rumors, News: Upcoming Ghost…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Recent talks pointing towards the fifth installment of the hit "found footage" film franchise 'Paranormal Activity' suggests that the upcoming title will be presented in 3D, Bloody Disgusting reports. Read More

Christianity is Why America Exists and Isn't a…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Those who argue Christians shouldn't be involved in politics or that faith should be kept separate from public policy either misunderstand, disregard, or reject historical facts that explain Biblical Christianity's influence on America's existence. Read More

Living Above Your Circumstances

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians during a long and unjust imprisonment. However, this short epistle is full of rejoicing. Paul never complains or casts blame for his situation, because he has learned to live above his circumstances. Read More

Merry Christmas! Our BRN special Christmas programming starts this Sunday, and we are excited to share it with you! bit.ly/15D9QyX  November 28, 2014 @ 8:30 AM @bottradio

Ebola Vaccine Closer to Reality After Successful…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

The first ever Ebola vaccine is a step closer to becoming a reality following successful Phase 1 human trials, medical researchers have said, but warned it will still take several months before it can be used in the field. Read More

'Black Friday' Vs. 'Bless Friday': Counterculture…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

"Bless Friday is something that our congregation and staff have embraced. The beauty is in the soul-building that occurs when we focus on others instead of self, and serve in Christ's Name," said Kaminski. Read More

DayZ to Be Released in 2016, Bohemia Interactive…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Bohemia Interactive has announced that its game, "DayZ," will be getting a full release version launch in the first half of 2016. The open-world zombie survival game has been in development for a year now with an alpha version released through an Early Access on Steam December last… Read More

Guillermo del Toro Talks About Pacific Rim 2, Kaijus…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Guillermo del Toro, director to the 2013 titan-versus-titan action film "Pacific Rim" has begun talking about the details regarding a sequel, which includes who will return and what fans will be missing from the first movie. Del Toro had mentioned that the sequel will take place a… Read More

'Independence Day 2' Won't Feature Will Smith,…

November 28, 2014  |  The Christian Post

Sequel to the 1996 film "Independence Day" has been given the green light by Twentieth Century Fox to begin filming on May 2015. It's almost close to 20 years since the first film but "Independence 2" is looking to be coming together. The studio is also reportedly getting Roland… Read More

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