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News stories are populated via The Christian Post and World Magazine.

'The Bold and the Beautiful': March 9 to 13 Spoilers,…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Last Friday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Wyatt arrives at the warehouse and is unnerved to see his mother, Quinn, being so happy. She flashes her ring and tells him that she and Deacon are going to be married. She asks Wyatt to be happy for her, and Wyatt says that's all he… Read More

'The Young and the Restless': March 9 to 13 Spoilers,…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Last Friday on "The Young and the Restless," Summer is at Austin's memorial and is screaming at the casket. She yells that it's her fault, and she rushes out. Phyllis and Nick wonder why she's blaming herself for his dead. Read More

Boko Haram pledges allegiance to ISIS

March 9, 2015  |  World Magazine

Kellou Abakar’s contractions began Jan. 3—the same day Boko Haram attacked her hometown in Nigeria. With labor coming on, the 30-year-old took her two little girls and carried her 4-year-old son on her back as they fled Baga. She narrowly escaped one of the worst massacres… Read More

'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Rallies Prayers…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Sadie Robertson who stars on A&E's "Duck Dynasty" is requesting prayers for one of her young fans who is facing a hard battle against cancer. Read More

Apple Watch Set to Be Unveiled on March 9

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Apple is about to have its first major event on Monday in San Francisco, and there are speculations that the Cupertino company may reveal more information about the hotly anticipated Apple Watch at the "Spring Forward" event from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on May 9 at 1pm ET. Read More

'Fantastic Four' Reboot News: Director Going 'Darker'…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

With movie reboots becoming a fashion these days, another superhero movie is heading that way. The "Fantastic Four," the first superhero team that Marvel Comics introduced in 1961 and had two previous film adaptation and a sequel, will undergo a makeover and will be released in… Read More

Franklin Graham Warns American Christians…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

The Rev. Franklin Graham gave an ominous warning to Christians living in the United States Sunday, as he expounded on how religious freedoms are being eroded stateside while believers are being persecuted throughout the world. Read More

'Gotham' Season 1 Cast News, Update: Fish Mooney…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Latest "Gotham" Season 1 cast news pointed out the character Fish Mooney to exit in the upcoming second season of the show and one essential Batman character to be introduced in an upcoming episode. Read More

The Priority of Relationship

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

Ephesus was home to a tremendous ministry. Despite opposition and harsh persecution, the church planted by Paul spread the gospel and was quick to challenge false prophets. But 30 years after the apostle left, John's revelation included a stern warning for those believers. Read More

'Homeland' Season 5 News, Update: Show to Jump Ahead…

March 9, 2015  |  The Christian Post

For fans of the hit political thriller TV series "Homeland" who speculated that CIA officer Carrie Mathison might be quitting the force, the latest casting news suggests that this could be the case. Read More