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Political Advertising

Christian Radio is the Number One Format for Reaching Christian Voters*

Christian radio is in the best position to help any candidate reach its target with a respectable frequency, and Christian radio is the best medium to saturate its audience. 20% of Christian radio listeners were more likely than average adults to have voted in the last US Presidential election, and 25% were more likely to have voted in the last state election.*

News or news talk radio is generally thought of as a must-buy for any conservative candidate, but it turns out that more votes-per-dollar can be purchased from a local Christian station. With Bott Radio Network, you get both because we are Christian news talk radio.

Bott Radio Network broadcasts faith-based news & information with an emphasis on family values, and our audience actively listens and participates in the electoral process. Our listeners are outspoken and proudly vote their faith and values.

 Compared to Market Average, BRN Listeners Are…

  • 32% more likely to have voted in local, state, & national elections in the past year
  • 102% more likely to have a Republican Party affiliation
  • 156% more likely have voted in the past year & are Republicans

According to Instant Demographics, 85.5% of people who listen to teaching and talk formats are registered to vote, and they are 13% more likely to vote.  BRN listeners are actively involved in politics, and they listen to Bott Radio Network for important news and information.

 I went to the BRN website to find sponsors to patronize. I want sponsors that I can depend on and share the same values as me. Your speakers are tremendous in getting the truth out.    Lonnie – Lincoln, NE

 Let us connect you with our loyal, quality, voting audience.


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*Instant Demographics 2012 “Christian Radio: #1 format for reaching conservative voters”. Media Audit March 2012-Jan. 2013.