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Salina/Abilene/Junction City 90.5 FM, 106.1 FM, 107.1 FM

Our staff at Bott Radio Network in Salina/Abilene/Junction City is committed to excellence and service to the glory of God. Quality Christian Radio is not simply transmitting towers and microphones. It depends on people who really care and want only God’s best for each life that is touched each day. That’s why we’re in the air… for good!

Pat Rulon Pat Rulon – Regional Manager
Pat Rulon is Bott Radio Network’s Regional Manager in the Kansas City area. Pat’s background offers Bott Radio Network clients a well rounded understanding of business, community and ministry. To work with Pat and his team for advertising or sponsorship opportunities in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas, call Pat at (913)-693-5807, or e-mail him at
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