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Oklahoma City
800 AM, 94.1 FM, 95.1 FM, 95.5 FM

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Time Ministry Speaker
12:00 AM Unshackled
Radio Drama Production
12:30 AM Grace To You
Dr. John MacArthur
1:00 AM Leading The Way
Dr. Michael Youssef
1:30 AM Turning Point Weekend
Dr. David Jeremiah
2:00 AM Pathway to Victory
Dr. Robert Jeffress
2:30 AM Renewing Your Mind Weekend
Dr. R.C. Sproul
3:00 AM Washington Watch Weekly
Tony Perkins
3:30 AM Words to Live By
Les Lamborn Barbara Follis and Bill Houston
4:00 AM Weekend Magazine
John Fuller
5:00 AM PowerPoint
Dr. Jack Graham
5:30 AM A New Beginning
Pastor Greg Laurie
6:00 AM Walk in the Word
Pastor James MacDonald
6:30 AM Turning Point
Dr. David Jeremiah
7:00 AM Truth For Life
Pastor Alistair Begg
7:30 AM Grace To You
Dr. John MacArthur
8:00 AM In Touch
Dr. Charles Stanley
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