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How does your faith in Jesus influence your daily financial decisions? As believers, our faith must be the foundation of our financial stewardship, which is why we're excited to announce that the MoneyWise radio show is now Faith & Finance. Join Rob West and special guests as they address today’s financial questions with biblical answers. To be a part of the broadcast, call 1 (800) 525-7000 or you can email your questions to: [email protected]

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Jun 9

Using Home Equity to Save a Business

Sherri and her husband are self-employed in the trucking industry and are facing serious cash flow problems. They are tempted to use the equity in their home to keep the business going, but this is not a good idea. Instead, they should pray together, consider the economic conditions, and seek wise advice from a financial planner. It is important to remember to practice absolute honesty and integrity at all times, and to trust God to lead them to a better place. Rob also answers listener questions about mortgages, Able accounts, credit unions, and more.

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John Rinehart joins us to discuss the intriguing topic of whether Christians should always give in secret. Jesus tells us in the book of Matthew to not let our left hand know what our right hand is giving, but is that the only way? John dives into the context of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount and explains that Jesus wasn't saying we should never share about our giving, praying, or fasting. He also talks about the importance of our motivation and how we can talk about our giving in a way that builds up. Lastly, he shares how Jesus publicly highlighted and celebrated generous people. Rob also answers listener questions about moving a 403B into a standard IRA without a tax penalty and how to determine the best way to use a lump sum of cash.

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In times of economic uncertainty, investors are left wondering whether they should stay or go when it comes to the stock market. Cole Pearson, President of Investment Solutions at OneAscent, a family of companies in the faith-based investing space, discusses how investors can combat fear and emotional decision-making with their investments. He suggests having a philosophy or guiding principles determined ahead of time, such as values-based, globally diversified, and long-term. He also explains how diversification is key to recession-proofing one's portfolio, and how investors should not make emotional decisions. Rob also answers listener questions about traditional IRAs, balance transfers, and the differences between life insurance policies and annuities.

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Luke Bolton, Executive for Strategic Relationships at Kingdom Advisors, shares his journey to becoming involved in biblically-based investing. He explains how looking through a biblical lens changes the way we see investing, beginning with Genesis 1-2 and God calling us to participate in the fruitfulness, growth, and ongoing development of his world. Bolton encourages believers to start with a prayer and to consider investing as part of their walk with God, an extension of their heart to worship Christ. He also discusses the tools of biblical investing, including avoiding certain funds or companies that violate God’s principles, and redeeming investing by focusing on how it can achieve something restorative and good. Finally, he addresses listener questions about 539 plans and IRA distributions.

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Mario Zandstra, President and CEO of Family Legacy Missions International, shares how his ministry has transitioned from a relief organization to a development organization focused on helping Zambia's orphans escape poverty. He explains the importance of teaching children to be independent and how South Korea's independence has led to its success. Rob also answers listener questions about saving and investing for a disabled adult child, pulling money out of retirement savings to pay off a mortgage, the purpose of an umbrella insurance policy, and why credit scores fluctuate.

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